Your 7 Step Process to Competitive Recon Bliss

hike-guy550x391Tips on how to stay ahead of your competition

1. Research how top competitors position themselves in front of their target market, and how (note: this is not marketing)

2. Research the state of the industry and zones of PR control client needs to dominate public opinion versus where they dominate (this is a percentage)

3. Research the knowledge, or lack of knowledge, third-party credibility channels have about the company

4. Mathematically determine optimal public opinion awareness of the company to the existing public opinion awareness of the company

5. Determine the algorithm needed for PR & Marketing to change people’s views toward the company

6. Determine the third-party credibility channels and key influencers needed to reach the target audiences per that algorithm

7. Determine the content needed to convince credibility channels and key influencers to carry their messaging to the company’s target audiences