8 Design Trends for 2022


See what the experts are saying

From postcards to signage to web design, change is here. See what trends Venngage Inc. says will be the latest and greatest this year:

Inclusive Visuals:
Diversity, equity and inclusion is redefining how brands approach representation in their marketing strategies.

Fun Data Visualizations:
Easy-to-read infographics, charts and graphs will continue to be the preferred way to share complex data.

Bold Backgrounds:
Bright and colorful backgrounds, paired with lighter text, marks a shift from the previous years’ muted palettes.

Serif Fonts:
Stylish and classic fonts made a comeback in 2021 and are here to stay.

Colorful Icons and Illustrations:
Vibrant images on bold backgrounds create an eye-catching and engaging contrast.

Branded Memes:
Make a meme your own for a light-hearted way to engage clients.

Words aimed to educate, rather than blindly inspire, are trending.

Social Screencaps:
Sharing screenshots of tweets is a great way to share information across platforms.

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