Why Personalized Print is the Key to Creating Customer Loyalty and Driving New Customer Acquisition

Stacks of mail on a conveyorAccording to the American Gaming Association’s (AGA) Commercial Gaming Revenue Tracker, the U.S. commercial gaming revenue hit an annual record of $66.5 billion in 2023. And as of February 2024, commercial gaming revenue totaled $11.46 billion — almost 7% greater than at the same time last year. 

Big money means big competition for customer loyalty and acquisition, and with so many traditional gaming options available — not to mention the rise of sports betting and online sports books — it’s essential that casino and hospitality print marketing stands out. One way to achieve this is leveraging personalized print in service of driving new acquisition and creating a stronger sense of customer loyalty. 

Here, we’ll look at why personalized print is key to helping gaming and casino brands meet their customer acquisition and retention goals.



Why is personalized print important?

Personalized print tailors marketing messages and offers to each individual customer based on everything from their preferences and location to buying behavior and demographics, providing a way for brands to connect with customers on a more engaging level. While adding their name to a template might be the first step, that likely won’t do much towards building loyalty and engagement.

Using data points like geographic location, average customer spend, length of relationship, previous interest, and even online activity like website form submissions or e-commerce transactions, casinos can demonstrate that they understand what customers want and need. This helps create a deeper sense of connection and loyalty. . 

Direct mail is one of the more valuable forms of print marketing, in large part due to how receptive consumers are to this type of communication. According to a USPS study, 62% of millennials read and engage with their mail on a daily basis. 

Since this target audience is already engaging with their direct mail, personalized print presents the opportunity to provide a tailored experience with offers and experiences that make the recipient feel understood and valued as an individual and not just a number. This in turn can both enhance their customer experience, and also connect with them on an emotional level that can attract new customers and foster brand loyalty. 

How to create personalized print campaigns to gain and retain gaming customers

Prioritizing personalized print that delivers increased response rates and a robust ROI starts with adopting a print automaton solution. With print automation, casinos and gaming brands can integrate their customer relationship management (CRM) platform to use customer insights and data in the creation of personalized direct mail, with the capability to produce highly-targeted pieces in real-time based on triggers like a milestone or customer action. 

What’s more, the ability to execute customized direct mailers triggered by any number of customer actions helps brands reduce waste and optimize their print marketing spend. 

For example, if you  know that one of your best customers just hit it big, you can use that as an opportunity to send a congratulatory offer for a particular service, which can go a long way towards customer loyalty. Plus, these types of mailers are more likely to be shared in a customer’s personal or even professional network, and this can help create word-of-mouth that generates additional interest in a brand. . 

A print automation solution also helps gaming and casino brands better protect sensitive customer data against data breaches. This can include everything from age and identity verification information like social security numbers to credit card or bank routing numbers. The results of a data breach can be incredibly costly, both financially and in terms of a casino’s reputation. 

Gaming customers who feel their data is secure are more likely to become repeat customers, and a print automation solution provides superior visibility into each step of the print process, including ways to log and track activity while monitoring appropriate permissions for that data. 

The accuracy and real-time visibility of an automated print solution helps casinos leverage personalized communication while also avoiding the potential for costly and time-intensive reprints in the event that mailers accidentally include inaccurate or outdated offers.

With decades of experience as a leader in print automation, Quantum has the knowledge and expertise to help gaming and casino brands adopt a print automation solution to create personalized direct mail campaigns that stimulate customer loyalty and drive new customer acquisition. 

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