How Print Automation Can Help the Gaming Industry Create More Strategic, Cost-Effective Print

02_600x400_Quantum-Blog_Print-Automation-Gaming-IndustryThe total revenue generated by the U.S. gaming industry in 2023 topped $101 billion, a large percentage of which was driven by casino gaming. This figure is expected to grow in the coming years, and this growth likely means more competition that top casino brands will have to navigate in order to maintain or even expand their market share. 

Casino brands need highly-targeted, strategic communications strategies to connect with customers on a deeper level that creates a sense of brand alignment and loyalty. High-quality, personalized marketing collateral like direct mail that features customized offers can help gaming and casino brands differentiate themselves from competitors and better engage customers. 

Partnering with a strategic print automation partner can help gaming and casino brands execute these kinds of high-value print campaigns in a strategic, cost-effective way that boosts response rates and delivers meaningful ROI. 


Print automation can help casinos create personalized and relevant print communications

The gaming industry is based on creating a strong sense of customer loyalty, particularly when it comes to engaging with high-value customers. The emergence of online sports gambling has further cemented the fact that long-term success for gaming brands depends largely on using customer data to create personalized marketing communication with relevant, custom offers based on prior betting history and preferences. 

The trust consumers place in print communications such as direct mail marketing makes direct mail an ideal way to engage with customers, especially given that 62% of millennials — a demographic that casino brands would like to attract — read and engage with their mail on a daily basis. 

With a print automation solution, casino and gaming brands can integrate with your customer relationship management (CRM) to create personalized postcards or other forms of direct mail using a variety of data or customer insights. What’s more, print automation can produce these kinds of highly-targeted direct mail pieces in real-time when triggered by a customer action or lifecycle milestone. 

Imagine the ability to send one of your high rollers a direct mail postcard with a special offer code to redeem a complimentary stay in a luxury suite as a thank you for continued patronage. Not only would this create a stronger connection with the customer by demonstrating a level of familiarity with them, it would also more likely generate a response. 

An integrated print automation solution can help casinos take a more data-driven approach using variable data printing (VDP) to create a stronger sense of trust and loyalty. The print-on-demand capability of a print automation solution also means you print only the mailers you need the moment you need them, which reduces waste and optimizes your spend. 

Plus, incorporating quick response (QR) codes or custom URLs that launch landing pages, videos, or other forms of relevant digital content creates a more multi-channel approach that can further enhance the ROI of your mailer.  

Here’s an example of how we helped a casino brand leverage the power of a print automation solution to create personalized, highly-targeted direct mailers to support enrollment in their loyalty program. 

Print automation can help casinos increase data privacy and compliance for more consistent, accurate mailings

Data privacy and compliance is a top-tier concern for casino and gaming brands, especially given the amount of sensitive customer information casinos manage. This can include everything from age and identity verification information like social security numbers to credit card or bank routing numbers. The results of a data breach can be incredibly costly, both financially and in terms of a casino’s reputation. 

For example, a recent MGM resorts data breach is expected to cost the company more than $100 million, including more than $10 million in data cleanup fees from a cybersecurity consulting firm. 

How can a print automation solution help casinos increase the data privacy and regulatory compliance of their direct mailings? 

Casinos that execute high-volume direct mail marketing campaigns use massive amounts of customer data, but, with a print automation solution, casinos can unlock superior visibility into each step of the print process to ensure data entry or processing errors are minimized. 

In addition, an automated print solution can help casinos log and track activity within the system itself to better monitor access to sensitive consumer data and allocate permissions to the appropriate teams. 

The accuracy and real-time visibility of an automated print solution also helps casinos avoid the potential for costly and time-intensive reprints in the event that mailers featuring inaccurate or outdated offers are produced, a setback that can significantly reduce the ROI of your print communications budget.

What’s more, working with a strategic print partner that prioritizes an automated approach to print can help casino brands create direct mail campaigns with the confidence that the data is accurate and secure to help reward the trust and confidence consumers place in print. 

Quantum has the knowledge and experience to help gaming and casino brands create highly-targeted, personalized direct mail campaigns that engage customers, boost response rates, and deliver ROI. Learn more about how our print marketing automation and direct mail services can help you get the most out of your direct mail campaigns.